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Contacted them through their Facebook page. They answered my questions and I ordered. Plates came quickly and were very good quality and I'm pleased with them. Would and will definitely recommend to friends and family. Thanks!

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I purchased my new 4D plates at 12pm. I received a picture of my COMPLETED plates at 13:30. I was absolutely amazed but almost in disbelief that they were ready so soon. The plates were on route to me the same day I made the purchase. Highly recommended



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The UK first introduced number plates in 1904 through the Motor Car Act of 1903. The majority of vehicles using public roads in the UK need to display them. This law was passed to ensure all vehicles could be traced in the event of accidents or motoring offences.

Within the UK today, there are now two systems: one for Great Britain, which dates from 2001, and another for Northern Ireland, which is similar to the original 1904 system. Both systems are administered by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in Swansea.


Firstly there is a difference between the registration number and the actual physical licence or number plate. Your licence or registration number is provided by the DVLA and made up of three parts: a two letter area code, a two-digit age identifier and three random letters. You can also buy a private plate or personal plate numbers which are unique numbers or letters. This is all done through the DVLA.

Secondly, you have your physical number plate for your licence number, private plate or personal plate number. To ensure that number plates are road legal in the UK they must be made to British Standards (BS AU 145d). Using number plates that are damaged or not readable can result in a failed MOT or even fines up to £1000. Legal number plates must:

  • be made from a reflective material
  • display black characters on a white background for the front plate
  • display black characters on a yellow background for the rear plate
  • not have a background pattern

There are slightly different rules for motorcycle number plates.

The UK government has been working on applying new regulations to the replacement plates industry and updating the current BS AU 145d, to BS AU 145e. The DVLA provides more details in its INF104 leaflet.

Of course, all of these restrictions don’t apply to show plates which are meant to be fun, custom number plates that are used for show events and other situations off the UK roads. Even with your road legal number plates, there are so many options to customise your number plates with the Auto Plates Direct plate builder to make them unique, impress your friends and make sure your car stands out.


Of course, you can customise many parts of your road legal number plate! At Auto Plates Direct we have years of experience creating unique number plates that stand out. The Auto Plates Direct plate builder allows you to add all kinds of extras to your licence plate, like badges, different colour borders and of course a whole range of different styles including 3D gel domed and 4D laser cut

Do you need a custom-sized number plate? From standard 4×4 sizes to smaller motorcycle plates and bespoke sports car plates with contoured acrylics we can create whatever you can imagine. If our plate builder doesn’t have everything you need just send us a note and we can make it. Also, see our FAQ’s for more details.