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5 out of 5 stars
Cole Mclean

Placed an order yesterday evening, delivered the next day and really pleased with how they have come out. Excellent Service - A+++++

5 out of 5 stars
Darren Burrows

Contacted them through their Facebook page. They answered my questions and I ordered. Plates came quickly and were very good quality and I'm pleased with them. Would and will definitely recommend to friends and family. Thanks!

5 out of 5 stars
Kimberly Hudges

I purchased my new 4D plates at 12pm. I received a picture of my COMPLETED plates at 13:30. I was absolutely amazed but almost in disbelief that they were ready so soon. The plates were on route to me the same day I made the purchase. Highly recommended




High Quality Motorcycle Number Plates

About our Motorcycle Numer Plates

Whether you are looking for a replacement licence plate for your bike, a custom plate for a classic motorcycle or just want a bespoke number plate that fits right or stands out from the crowd use our plate builder to guide you through the process.  


As with standard car plates, there are a number of regulations that set out what a road legal motorcycle number plate needs to look like. The rules are different for bikes built before 1 September 2001 and bikes built before 1 January 1973. Motorbikes built after 1 September 2001 only require one licence plate with a yellow background on the back of the bike. Bikes built before this date can also have a licence plate on the front and vintage motorbikes can have a silver background. Because the characters on a motorcycle licence plate wrap onto two lines there are lots of different rules for the size, type of font and the spacing between the characters and around the border. The DVLA provides full details in its INF104 leaflet.  
Of course, if you are creating a motorcycle show plate for events, a showroom or just something that is unique for your bike then you can really let your imagination go.  


Often vintage, sports or custom bike owners are looking for a bespoke number plate that is smaller and neater to fit with the style of their bike. The standard size for a UK motorbike number plate is 9 x 7 inches (228mm x 178mm) and of course we have these plates with a range of materials and extra details. With new cutting and routing techniques however we can now also build plates that are smaller than this and still meet the spacing regulations to be road legal. Exactly how small will depend on what characters are on the licence plate. If you have any questions on this just reach out to Auto Plates Directs ‘Number Plate Man’ through our contact page.  


Starting from just £11.88 our motorbike plates are the best value you will find. For touring, sports, motocross or vintage bikes, whether you are replacing a road plate or looking to create a unique show plate use our plate builder to make the process quick and easy.