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5 out of 5 stars
Cole Mclean

Placed an order yesterday evening, delivered the next day and really pleased with how they have come out. Excellent Service - A+++++

5 out of 5 stars
Darren Burrows

Contacted them through their Facebook page. They answered my questions and I ordered. Plates came quickly and were very good quality and I'm pleased with them. Would and will definitely recommend to friends and family. Thanks!

5 out of 5 stars
Kimberly Hudges

I purchased my new 4D plates at 12pm. I received a picture of my COMPLETED plates at 13:30. I was absolutely amazed but almost in disbelief that they were ready so soon. The plates were on route to me the same day I made the purchase. Highly recommended




High Quality 4D Number Plates

Get truly creative and stand out with the latest trend in customised number plates – 4D laser cut custom plates.


While 3D number plates are covered in a polyurethane gel resin to create a raised effect, 4D plates are made from super shiny black acrylic characters, which are laser cut and then stuck to an acrylic plate with a high strength adhesive. While technically still 3D this process creates an even more unique look to your custom plate. You can also add a different colour to fit underneath, sometimes described by suppliers as 4D Plus, or you can use fluorescent colours which is often called 4D Neon and looks amazing at night under any light. Get creative now with our plate builder and see what your custom plate could look like.


Many people are confused by the term 4D which in reality is just industry jargon. As described above 4D plates are actually just more interesting looking 3D plates that are created through a laser cutting process. As with 3D plates the DVLA allows these to be road legal as long as the spacing and font type and other specifications remain within the legal requirements which you can read more about here.


Starting from just £15.00 Auto Plates Direct is the best priced supplier of quality custom number plates around. When it comes to cutting edge 4D custom plates Auto Plates Direct has the experience to build whatever number plate you can imagine! With a quick and simple online process and same day dispatch click on our plate builder and get started now.

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