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5 out of 5 stars
Cole Mclean

Placed an order yesterday evening, delivered the next day and really pleased with how they have come out. Excellent Service - A+++++

5 out of 5 stars
Darren Burrows

Contacted them through their Facebook page. They answered my questions and I ordered. Plates came quickly and were very good quality and I'm pleased with them. Would and will definitely recommend to friends and family. Thanks!

5 out of 5 stars
Kimberly Hudges

I purchased my new 4D plates at 12pm. I received a picture of my COMPLETED plates at 13:30. I was absolutely amazed but almost in disbelief that they were ready so soon. The plates were on route to me the same day I made the purchase. Highly recommended




High Quality 3D Gel Number Plates

Customised 3D gel number plates offer a high gloss, raised lettering finish to your licence plate that is durable and stylish. From just £15.00 and same day dispatch you can effortlessly customise your vehicle.


To create a road legal 3D number plate we add a premium polyurethane gel resin to the standard licence plate, cut to regulation size and colour. The gel is only added to the characters and not to the whole number plate. The gel is held within the cut marks of the characters and forms a rounded gloss finish that creates the 3D look. As long as the character font is within regulation (Charles Wright 2001 font) and the sizing is correct then 3D plates are a great way to create road legal plates that stand out. Of course you can also customise your 3D plates to create truly unique show plates that aren’t restricted by road rules.


People often wonder what the difference is between 3D and 4D plates. The simple answer is that they both create a three dimensional look using different techniques. While 3D plates apply a gel resin to the characters, 4D plates use laser cut characters that are then stuck to the number plate with strong adhesive. Both options create a unique and interesting looking custom number plate and can be cut to suit all types of vehicles from sports cars to 4×4’s and motorcycles.


Whether it’s making your road legal number plate stand out or creating an amazing custom show plate, our plate builder makes it simple. Auto Plates Direct makes the best quality and value 3D custom plates, so get started now.

  • Best priced 3D number plates starting from £15.00
  • Fast delivery with same day dispatch
  • Replacement plates
  • Truly unique show plates